Get Involved

We invite anyone (individuals, organisations, institutions) involved in restoration, in any corner of the world to participate in this open-access endeavour to synthesize the future of restoration. You can:

  • suggest projects to investigate;
  • put us in contact with colleagues, acquaintances or projects;
  • point us to data sources;
  • donate your very own data;
  • volunteer with the project in a variety fo ways;

… to be a part of an effort to quantify success and synthesize the future of ecological restoration.

Become a Collaborator

Becoming a collaborator is open to restoration ecologists who are committed to joining this data synthesis effort following the FAIR principals, collaborating with the team, or initiating projects of their own. There are three primary rules of joining us as a collaborator:

  • Play well with other members of the team;
  • Donate your Data;
  • Agree that your data can be shared open access with others

Co-Authorship Criteria

There are some initial papers planned attached to this effort. If your data is suitable for use in the first papers and is used, this will be indicated as apart of initial discussions, and you will be invited to opt-in to the paper for collaboration.

To opt-in to co-authorship, data providers must contribute in at least two of the following four ways:

  1. Idea/question generation
  2. Data contribution
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Writing & Revisions

Propose a Synthesis Project

If your data do not fit with the data requirements of some of the papers that are already planned, you are welcome to propose an idea of your own. We will cross-check your idea with that of others, connect you with people or projects with overlapping ideas and data, and give you assistance and guidance for getting started and in collecting more of these data.

To participate, please connect with us!